dinsdag 9 maart 2010

New Kitchen kit with unique elements

My kitchen is a kit with unique element and it has the colors that are going to be hot in 2010. Turquoise, seagreen, softblue, brick-re and white. The kit is stuffed with all kinds of kitchen aids, recipe cards, wordart, embroidered wordart, a coffee set and ....oooh yes there is chocolate in it too. For once Jhyll Quirk and me joined our creative thoughts to create this "beauty" and it is here for you to enjoy.
You can find the kit exclusively @ Digitalscrapbookpages.com.

3 opmerkingen:

Barbara zei

Hi Joyce - just wanted to tell you how neat your new Tell-Your-Story kit will be to work with. I always look for something to guide me into the areas I often forget to focus on. Great kit! How about some pictures of it here on your blog? hugs

taztang68 zei

hai, Ziet er leuk uit, gaat op mijn "lijstje". Enige kans dat je de recepten kaartjes in het Nederlands maakt?
Woon momenteel in Amerika, maar wil mijn zussen een paar van mijn recepten sturen....
Groetjes. LOVE YOUR WORK!!!


Joyce de Jonge zei

Dat kan altijd!! Zeg maar wat je wilt zien/hebben en hoe ik met je contact kom.